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“STRIDER the GERMAN SHEPHERD on Instagram: ‘Good Food = Good Mood @Haustierkost (Werbung).’”
‘Things You Can’t Do When You Have a GSD Full Video on Facebook!’” "Not Much Has Changed except That Karen
Gets More Annoying Every Day. 8 Weeks - 2,5 Years Old ". n.d. Accessed January 6, 2023.

All in one.Fig.15

A repertory of doggolingo diaries21 introduces Strider as a familiar face on Social Media platforms. This German shepherd, whose routines are recorded and shared with a digital community of 196k people, is a prime example of the contemporary display of the petfluencer, making Strider a valuable asset for companies in the companion animal industries.Fig.16

In contrast to the carefully cultivated image of Strider as a well-behaved and obedient dog, the video “My Dog Refuses To Give Me His Paw!,” depicts a scene where Strider resists complying with the demands. In this case, the caricaturesque use of “doggolingo communication” speculated on the reasons behind Strider’s reluctance to obey the repeated requests.Fig.17

Doggolingo, is an Internet language created from word conversion, meme lexicon, and onomatopoeia. Emerging in the 2010s. DoggoLingo is implied to be a dog's idiom. This language is directly associated with the figure of Doge a meme consisting of a picture of Kabosu, a Shiba Inu dog accompanied by multicolored text in Comic Sans whose texts represents a kind of internal monologue deliberately written in the main element of Doggolingo, a broken English.

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Ana Robles Pérez. Diagram displaying the “doggolingo communication” examples of Strider in the video
“My Dog Refuses to Give Me His Paw!”. Graphic element. Created January 28, 2023

The scene culminates in a display of refusals that have been foreshadowed since the beginning of the scene. In what appears to be a familiar scenario, Strider assumes the role of a defiant character. While this may be perplexing and unrewarding for the dog, for an audience seeking a variety of Strider’s digital performances, the situation may appear to be a well-rehearsed show that meets their expectations.