“A Pomsky And He Is So Cute Just Like You”
Fig.6 is the description given to Mylo the dog, the protagonist of the MyloBlue Youtube channel.Fig.7 While it is not clear who is behind the channel, the eight uploaded videos feature a repertory of room tours, Spanish animal lessons, and whipped creams to contextualize the routine of a kid alongside Mylo.

“Very good boy knows how to sit down and give paw,” the most viewed video, shows the achievement of the command. A showcase that speaks about the balanced human-to-dog expectations vs actions —five commands vs five rewards—: The kid gets enthusiastic after Mylo successfully gives him its paw. In the meantime, Mylo chews on its rewarded snack.

@Myloblu9942  Screenshot of Mylo’s Youtube description. Accessed 3rd January, 2022. Youtube screenshot.

@Myloblu9942 Screenshot of Mylo’s Youtube channel Accessed 3rd January 2022. Youtube screenshot.