Dakota’s name, followed by the number “A8972”, appears in an archive of dog videos, all recorded in similar settings as part of Rachel Bennet’s channel.Fig.10 

Is Rachel a breeder considering that almost all the dogs appearing in the videos belong to the same breed? Or is she running a dog kill station in which dogs are often identified with individual codes for administration purposes? Nothing to worry about. The channel description “Videos of dogs available for adoption from the Brooklyn ACC”Fig.11 and a quick research on Rachel’s identity,Fig.12 clarifies the confusion.

Whether it is about settings showing dogs around their feces in almost demolished spaces to make people sympathize with the animals, or dogs going to the hairdresser for a makeover to impress viewers. While these strategies may differ, they share the common goal of facilitating animal adoption  In “Dakota A8972 sit down give paw,” the tactics lie in Dakota’s abilities to respond to several instructions.

But, would this strategy help with Dakota’s adoption? Curious to see.  

Dakota’s responses appear as if they are part of a mechanized sequence of tricks. The way it is guided through the commands, without interruption, including the use of more complex items, such as the ball, is only reinforcing Dakota’s pre-existing hyper-energetic behavior. While this approach may attract to a minority of potential adopters seeking a highly spirited dog, it could potentially harm Dakota’s chances of adoption due to the fact that a significant number of dogs are abandoned because their caregivers are unable to manage their behaviors.

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