After being introduced as an archetype in previous narratives, the character of “Bella” is finally portrayed in the video “Ways to train my dog to sit and paw”. Bella appears as a puppy, not older than 3 months, confined in a cage along with the basic elements of a starter kit for puppies.22 Intentionally turning away from her cute appearance—presumably, the primary draw of the video for most viewers—the cage in which Bella sits will be the main subject of analysis here.

The atypical setting of the cage foments a misleading interpretation of the situation where Bella is expected to obey the commands “sit” and “give paw”. Despite the caregiver’s use of positive reinforcement with the phrase “Good girl!” the reward is not necessarily linked to the desired outcomes of the commands asked. The sobbing sounds, bites, and scratches show that the snack is not even the reward Bella is looking for, yet all it wants is to be freed from the confinement cage.

But the lack of response from Bella is not solely attributed to the cage; it is also a result of the unrealistic expectations placed on a three-month-old “Bella” who is still in the process of being potty trained— this is most likely the reason she is locked up. However, it looks like time did its magic. Seven months later, the one-year-old Bella —freed from the cage— chews on the snacks it got after a victorious “high-five” scene.Fig.20

Animal-oriented businesses offer “dog starter kits” for amateur dog human-caring masses. On Amazon, these kits include what are understood as essential objects for dog caring:  leashes, collars, beds, or treats. Those kits could be found for no more than 50$.

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